What is the VR Ultra?

The VR Ultra is a headset that straps comfortably on your head, which takes you into a world of virtual reality. With the VR Ultra, what you see is so realistic, it’s as if you are actually in that experience. All you need is a smartphone (4-6 inches), place your phone into the slot provided on the headset, and let the experiences begin. For just a once off payment of 99 euros, you can watch all the latest movies, tv shows and amazing virtual experiences with the VR Ultra.


In Your Own Private Cinema

If you love going to the Cinema, you will love the VR Ultra. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own private cinema; and watch all the latest movies on a big screen. With the VR Ultra, that fantasy is now a reality. You can watch all the latest movies for Free on the VR Ultra and feel like you are in the cinema all by yourself.

Your Favourite TV Shows

Watch the new Series of Game of Thrones, along with every other TV show for Free, and all on a large cinema screen. You can even choose which seat you want to sit in!

Adrenaline Rush

If you are an Adrenaline Junkie, and love nothing better than jumping out of planes, riding terrifying roller coasters, or bungee jumping off bridges, put on your VR Ultra headset, press play and you are there.


If you love watching horror movies, the creepy movies on the VR Ultra will scare the life out of you! It’s one thing watching a horror movie, but it’s an entirely different experience to be in it! There is even a walk through of a scarehouse and a ride on a ghost train!

Surf The Barrels Of Tahiti

They say that surfing is one of the best experiences in the world. But if you are more of a beach spectator than a participator, your VR Ultra will have you surfing tubes in one of the world’s most exotic surf spots.

Climb the Eiger North Face

If you enjoyed watching the movie Everest, but were glad to be sitting in your comfy room instead of out walking along cliff edges when you were watching it, the VR Ultra will reverse that experience, and will have you walking the edge of the 13,000 feet Eiger North Face Mountain. Just don’t look down!

Scuba Diving In Taiwan

Scuba Diving the surrounding ocean of the Green Island in Taiwan is a fantastic adventure and so realistic with the VR Ultra.

Sight seeing in New York

With the VR Ultra, you can visit many places worldwide , but one of the best is to visit the sights of New York. Put on your VR Ultra and it’s as if you are standing in Time Square!

And So Much More

There are hundreds of adventures to experience on the VR Ultra, such as a view from the cockpit of an airplane, the basket of a hot air balloon, up close and personal with a tiger on safari, in the drivers seat of a racing car, a walk on Mars, and what it was actually like for Philippe Petit to walk a tight rope attached to the top of the twin towers!

High Quality Headset

Now for the Science bit! The VR Ultra has an 8 story nanoscale multilayer coating, is laser cut, and 5 times repeated robot polished. Each lens is polished, cored and tested so that each lens is transparent and clear. This reduces the deformity and glare, preventing visual fatigue and restoring 3D Reality.

Very Comfortable

The VR Ultra is so comfortable to wear, within seconds you will forget you even have it on, and will be engrossed in the virtual reality world you are in.

360 Degree Panoramic View

Virtual Reality is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Whether you are sitting in your own private cinema watching your favourite movie, or surfing some killer waves, you have a 360 degree view of everything, which is incredible and so realistic.

Only €99 (Free Next Day Delivery)