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Cancel Your Satellite Provider

Save Up To 1500 euros annually

The Atab Smartbox Ultra is the future of Television. With households paying up to 1500 euros a year to their satellite provider , it’s a no brainer to purchase a Smartbox Ultra for the once off fee of just 399 euros and get it all….and more.

Record Live TV

Being able to Record Live TV is one of the best selling features of the Smartbox Ultra. The channel list is limited to UK Tv channels but you can record all your bbc’s, itv’s, channel 4, film 4, E4 etc….. Sometimes the best tv shows are on too late, as we might have an early start or you are going out for the night but cannot miss X Factor. Problem solved with the Smartbox Ultra.

Free Sports

The number one reason people purchase the Smartbox Ultra is for the free sports. From premiership matches to rugby, watch it all for free on the Smartbox Ultra.

Thousands of TV Channels Free

With the Smartbox Ultra, you have access to thousands of TV channels at no cost.

More Free Movies Than You Can Imagine

Do you love watching movies? How much do you spend every year on dvd rentals and cinema tickets? What if you had access to tens of thousands of movies at your fingertips for free? And movies so new, they aren’t yet in the cinema! With the Smartbox Ultra, you can sit back, relax, and choose whichever movie you want to watch, whenever you want, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Watch it First on the SmartBox Ultra

Movie Buffs will love the Smartbox Ultra. Not only can you watch every movie ever made on it, you will also be able to watch movies before they even reach Irish cinemas, and long before they make it to DVD.

All The Box Sets Free

Have you heard so much about Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad that you are dying to watch them? Save yourself the expense of buying the box sets, and watch them for free on the Smartbox Ultra.

Never miss your favourite Programmes

There are special sections on the Smartbox Ultra that automatically record the most watch programmes and there is even a dedicated section for soap operas. This also applies to football matches and major sporting events.

48 Hour TV Guide

The Smartbox Ultra includes a 48 hour TV guide, so you can see whats on up to 2 days in advance

HD Quality

Picture quality is Paramount to our customers, so we have worked very hard to ensure that the vast majority of our Box Sets, Movies, sports and TV Channels are in HD Quality

Free Subtitles

With over 92,000 people in Ireland either deaf or with a hearing disability, having a subtitles option on the Smartbox Ultra is very important. You can watch most tv shows and movies on the Smartbox Ultra with subtitles included. Please contact us at the time of ordering so we can activate the subtitles for you.

All the Kids Movies and Cartoons Free

Your kids will be spoiled for choice, from all the top Disney movies such as Frozen, to big name cartoons such as Doc McStuffins; it’s all on Smartbox Ultra to watch whenever they want.

All the Big Fights... FREE

With the Smartbox Ultra, watch all the big Fights Live, or watch them later on catchup, at a time that suits.

Take Your Smartbox Ultra Worldwide

Not only can you easily move your Smartbox Ultra from one TV in your house to the other in minutes, you can also take it to any part of the globe, to watch your favourite films, movies, tv programmes and sports.

Not Just For a Few Months

We have discovered that other retailers of smartboxes, sell boxes with software that might work great for a few months, but eventually the streams and the apps become redundant, and in the end, very little content on their box will work. Our software is updated every week, so you are guaranteed fresh new content all of the time.

User Friendly

You would nearly need a degree in computer science to operate some smartboxes on the market. Our interface is very user friendly, and everything is just a click away. The vast majority of our customers are not tech friendly, so it’s imperative that we provide an interface that our customers can easily use.

Excellent After Sales Service

Our after sales service is what we pride ourselves most on. It’s very easy for any business to make a sale, even for that business to make a lasting impression on their customer when making that sale. But the true test of any business in my opinion, is how you treat that customer after the sale is made.

Free Air Mouse

The air mouse is the next generation of remote control. With its built in sensor, you can navigate through channels faster than you can imagine. It also has a built in keyboard, that acts as a wireless keyboard, which is great for entering passwords or browsing the net on the Smartbox Ultra.

Ultra Fast Dual Band Wifi

The Atab Smartbox has built-in ultra fast dual band wifi, which is essential for those of you who have weak or unreliable wifi signals. The Smartbox Ultra relies solely on wifi, so having a strong signal is vital for its performance.

Octacore Processor

Superior Hardware

With a lightning fast Octacore processor, and manufactured with the highest grade of hardware components, the Smartbox Ultra is ultra fast and ultra reliable.

No Monthly Payments
Once Off Payment
Only €399 (Free Next Day Delivery)