SmartBox FAQ's

Q: Is it easy to set up the Atab Smartbox?
A: Simple. Just plug the Atab smartbox into the back of your TV, put in your wifi password into the smartbox via the remote control that comes with the Atab smartbox, and you are now set up. 5 minutes tops.


Q: How does it work? Do I need an Ariel or Dish to operate it?
A: It works off wifi and you don’t need an Ariel or a Dish.


Q: What channels, movies, sports do I get with the Atab smartbox?
A: You get hundreds of TV channels to include all the main UK channels, Irish channels, and all your favourite sports channels. All the latest movies and box sets are available on our smartbox and our smartbox updates automatically, so new movies and episodes from your favourite TV series, are always available to watch. Some movies available on the Atab smartbox haven’t reached Irish cinemas yet.

Q: Is there a cost involved for watching movies, sports or TV channels on the Atab smartbox?
A: No. The only thing you will have to pay for is the one off payment price of the Atab smartbox. Nothing else. Ever. All the content on the Atab smartbox is Free of charge to watch.


Q: What about updates. Will the Atab Smartbox update itself with new content?
A: Every time you turn on your Atab Smartbox, it will update automatically with new movies etc…

Q: Will my Atab Smartbox but cut off after a few months, and then I won’t be able to watch anything on it?
A: No. You have access to all the movies, sports and tv channels on the Atab smartbox indefinitely.

Q: Do I need really fast broadband to power the Atab Smartbox?
A: You need a minimum of 4mb of speed.


Q: Whats the picture quality like?
A: For live TV, the picture quality is described by our customers as “excellent”. Most movies are in HD quality


Q: I have two TV’S. Will I need two smartbox’s?
A: Yes. One Atab smartbox will only power one TV.


Q: My TV is quite old. Will it still work on it?
A: Our Atab smartbox will work on TV’S up to 15 years old. Once it has either a HDMI port or an AV connection (the yellow, white and red slots on your TV) it will work.


Q: Does the Atab smartbox have any other functions?
A: Lots. You can watch Netflix on it, surf the net, download apps on the play store and even skype on it.


Q: It all sounds great, almost too good to be true in fact. What’s the catch?
A: You need a minimum of 4mb. The faster your broadband the better.


Q: Does the Atab Smartbox come with a warranty?
A:Yes. Go to the About page for details


Q: Who exactly am I buying from?
A: We are, a trading name of Railslide Ltd and are in business since 2006. We were the first company in Ireland to rival the ipad back in 2010, bringing out our own version called the epad ( We are a very innovative technology company and believe in giving our customers value for money.


Q: Where can I buy one?
A: On our website at for free next day delivery or give Colm a ring on 087 3625886 and pick one up from Glanmire, Co. Cork